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You're not just investing in a recipe, you're investing in an experience and future memories.


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For $235 you're getting thousands of trial and error hours of how to make the perfect caramel apples. Five years worth of learning what type of pan works best, where to buy the best (and most economical) ingredients, how to achieve the best dipping temperature, what type of chocolate to use for easy coating and how to do it all in the most cost effective way! Oh, and SO MUCH MORE. 

A  Note About Pricing 

We priced this course very strategically because quite frankly, I am selling the experience and knowledge that I have learned through a TON of hard work. My main focus when creating this course was being able to effectively teach all of those hard learned lessons and make sure you get your money's worth! 

You're investing in something that you will be able to use and pass on to family members for years to come. Not only will you gain the confidence to make your own caramel apples but you'll also have the YUMMIEST recipes to use just in time for the holidays! 

xoxo, YO