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Not Your Granny's Apples 

Online Caramel Course  

1. Full access to my *TOP SECRET* homemade caramel recipe and how to get it buttery soft every single time. That perfect consistency is so critical! Use it for caramel apples, dipping sauce, and everything else you can think of.

2. A complete step by step video on how to make the perfect dipping caramel, melt/apply chocolate coating, add toppings, and everything in between! I will also be sharing tips on getting the right temperatures for caramel lollipops, caramel popcorn, and soft chewy caramel candies

3. A full list of all my favorite ingredients/supplies and where to find them. Using the right tools and knowing which ingredients work best is KEY!

4. All of my tips and tricks I've learned after hundreds of apple making hours! Including temperature control, how to package, and commonly made mistakes. 

5. Access to an exclusive Facebook page where I can answer all of your questions! If you do not have social media, don't worry, we have an alternative interaction platform.

Why Purchase My Course?
Easy, fool proof, perfect caramel every time! 

Start Making Sweet Memories, TODAY!

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