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Our Story


It all started with just one bite. Back in 2015 Tanner and I invited some friends over to make caramel apples. It was Fall and sounded like a fun/fairly simple date night idea. We googled how to melt down caramel and decided on a topping that sounded fitting for the holidays, Apple Pie. Turns out, making caramel apples IS NOT as easy as it looks and our apples turned out disastrous. I’m talking, Pinterest fail to the max with the burnt white chocolate dripping everywhere and almost nothing stayed stuck to the apple. However, the pieces we were able to somewhat salvage still tasted...amazing.
Fast forward to a couple weeks later. I found an old family recipe that Tanner’s parents had been using for years. I found that this secret hidden caramel recipe made ALL the difference. The caramel apples weren’t pretty by any means, but I knew there was potential because they tasted so dang good. I kept practicing and made some for Tanner’s birthday the following spring and soon after I was getting regular requests for my caramel apples! From there, word slowly began to spread and by Fall 2016 I was in full on hustle mode to share my new favorite treat with everyone I possibly could.
I didn’t start making caramel apples with the idea to turn it into a business. It was just something I truly loved to do (and eat) and it felt very natural to want to share it with others. I was, and still am, very much addicted! It’s been a DREAM to have been able to share what I love with so many local friends. I have made thousands and thousands of apples in the past 5 years and I’m still NOT sick of making them! I enjoy the process and I love bringing small bites of happiness into my community. For more of our full story check out my @gogetitgirlpodcast episode #14 podcast interview!

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